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2024 feb 06 new album! love & worry, 9 vocal songs about love and/or worry. also available on SoundCloud and streaming services
2023 nov 20 new album! Tracker Works 2014-2018, songs written in OpenMPT that were only uploaded to Soundcloud and this website for the longest time. also available on the usual streaming services
2023 apr 28 new album! Gem Blenders Soundtrack 2, a few tracks that I was commissioned to write for the second Gem Blenders Kickstarter campaign. also available on SoundCloud and all the usual streaming services
2021 oct 01 new album! lost in focus, you can also find it under the 'albums/EPs' section below. this time i'll be donating the revenue to Open The Circle, a nonprofit that channels resources into footwork education and community organizing in Chicago.
2021 sep 11 (more of) my music is now on spotify! and apple music and all the other streaming platforms. still in the process of uploading older albums but all my most recent releases are now available for streaming.
2021 aug 27 new single! RSNNT CHMBR, a remix of a song from Animusic 2. you can also find it under the 'albums/EPs' section below.
2021 apr 07 my album got reviewed by passion in the weiss! Ghost in the 404: March 2021’s Best Electronic and Dance Music
2021 apr 02 my album got reviewed in the chicago reader! Chicago producer Vince Kaichan steers footwork toward serenity on Lost in Time
2021 mar 08 added the ability to sort tables by date or name, ascending and descending. click on the column header to sort by that column in ascending order, click it again to sort by descending order
2021 mar 05 new album! lost in time, you can also find it under the 'albums/EPs' section below. if you buy it on bandcamp, your purchase will be donated to My Block, My Hood, My City, a nonprofit organization that helps underprivileged youth in chicago.
2021 mar 04 some friends said i should add an rss feed for these news posts so here it is. please let me know if anything isn't working correctly
2021 mar 02 added this little news feed to the site. most of the entries will just be website updates/music release announcements but i plan on eventually using it for blog posts (once i figure out what i want to blog about...)