i make music in lots of styles including chiptune, orchestral, jazz, pop, dance, and more.
currently in a footwork/juke-inspired phase.

i use tracker software such as LSDJ, openmpt, and most recently renoise for the majority of my music.

news rss

2021 oct 01 new album! lost in focus, you can also find it under the 'albums/EPs' section below. this time i'll be donating the revenue to Open The Circle, a nonprofit that channels resources into footwork education and community organizing in Chicago.
2021 sep 11 (more of) my music is now on spotify! and apple music and all the other streaming platforms. still in the process of uploading older albums but all my most recent releases are now available for streaming.
2021 aug 27 new single! RSNNT CHMBR, a remix of a song from Animusic 2. you can also find it under the 'albums/EPs' section below.
2021 apr 07 my album got reviewed by passion in the weiss! Ghost in the 404: March 2021’s Best Electronic and Dance Music
2021 apr 02 my album got reviewed in the chicago reader! Chicago producer Vince Kaichan steers footwork toward serenity on Lost in Time



albums/EPs (15)

my original music

date name genre info art
(click to play)
2021 10 01 lost in focus footwork made with renoise.

1.my fantasy
2. dawning
3. planetary
4. spirit apparatus
5. ready
6. hearts
7. morning after
8. sad dancing
lost in focus
2021 08 27 RSNNT CHMBR (animusic remix single) digital fusion, electronic a rearrangement of the song resonant chamber by wayne lytle from Animusic 2. RSNNT CHMBR (animusic remix single)
2021 03 05 lost in time footwork made with renoise.

1. 1000 lives
2. mesa
3. hollow planet
4. daybreak
5.basement blue sky
6. end of the world
7. dreams
lost in time
2020 05 15 lost in world footwork made with renoise.

1. where you go
2. eon (ago)
3. waiting for
4. nightmare
5. werk
6. alphonse
7. 9pm (bonus track)
lost in world
2018 04 30 4MEN430 - DOUBLE TAKE digital fusion a collaboration with golgi, j yoshi, and Sinc-X under the name of 4MEN430.

1. Return to the Boneyard
2. Overture to a Great Day
3. The Earth is a Hecatonicosachoron
4. Hello Goodbye
5. Blast Me Off
6. すべての欲望 / All Your Desire
7. Hyperspace Vortex 17
8. Multiversal Superhighway
2016 11 11 Midsummer Days digital fusion, jazz released on DESKPOP.

1. Shangri-La Dreaming
2. Mirage
3. Cruising Deep Pacifica
4. Sunshower Meteorite
5. Harvest Moon
6. Hopscotch '97
7. Ice Tea Lemonade (Bonus Track)
Midsummer Days
2015 07 13 Power Tricks chiptune, digital fusion made with LSDJ, released on cheapbeats.

1. Illjoy
2. Core Corrupt
3. Ignition 8
4. Drag Strike
5. Arc Electric
6. Stormsong
Power Tricks
2015 04 30 Sunday Groove digital fusion, jazz released on cheapbeats.

1. C Jones
2. F Phunk
3. Sideway Street
4. Soul Trekker
5. Hometown Dreams
6. By The Fireplace
Sunday Groove
2014 08 11 Yolanda chiptune, latin made with LSDJ, released on The Waveform Generators.

1. Yolanda
2. Viverra
3. Novaton
4. Omiero
2014 01 25 Ilio chiptune made with LSDJ.

1. Iremia
2. Kazan
3. Saraday
4. Dubpark
5. Syntomodial
6. By the Way
7. Sailboat
8. Iliova
9. Shiosai
10. Galaxies (Bonus Track)
2013 03 14 Rising chiptune made with LSDJ.

1. Dusk
2. Rising
3. Latino Sango
4. Rose-Tinted Glasses
5. Walkie Talkie
6. Restless
7. Shadowdances
8. Dawn
2012 08 24 On Thin Air chiptune made with Sunvox.

1. Northern Lights
2. Summit
3. Binary Lake
4. Floating on Thin Air
On Thin Air
2012 05 27 Earthshine chiptune made with Sunvox.

1. Earthshine 1
2. Earthshine 2
3. Lune 1
4. Lune 2
2012 03 13 Journey chiptune made with LSDJ.

1. Magma Mountain
2. Dream Flight
3. Escape!
4. Island Breeze
5. Victory Flower Fields
6. Comms Relay
7. Farewell
2011 10 31 [PB053] Focal Point chiptune made with LSDJ, released on PxlBot. this was while i still called myself VCMG, before i had to switch to a different name.

1. Introduction [2xLSDJ]
2. Waking Up in the Perseids
3. Surmounting the Highest of Peaks
4. Warp Speed
5. Focal Point
6. New Beginnings Past Old Endings, or How I Learned to Love Life
7. Stars and Skies Forever
8. At Peace (Bonus Track)
[PB053] Focal Point

compilations (16)

compilation albums that i've appeared in

date name genre track title art
(click to play)
2022 06 23 STAFFcirc vol. ε₀ electronic Vince Kaichan - juke exam STAFFcirc vol. ε₀
2021 02 01 STAFFCirc Vol. 7: Terra Octava microtonal Vince Kaichan - Ether STAFFCirc Vol. 7: Terra Octava
2018 12 07 ChipWINter Madness chiptune Vince Kaichan - Carriage Ride ChipWINter Madness
2017 08 11 Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 6 chiptune, dance Vince Kaichan - Mistral Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 6
2017 08 01 STAFFcirc vol. 3⇋: TERMINAL VICE digital fusion, jazz Vince Kaichan - Roll Those Dice! STAFFcirc vol. 3⇋: TERMINAL VICE
2017 07 26 ~ fleeting moments ~ digital fusion Vince Kaichan - birb ~ fleeting moments ~
2017 02 22 Balearic Beats vol 43 - Chipmusic sounds of summer chiptune, drum and bass Vince Kaichan - Unconditional Balearic Beats vol 43 - Chipmusic sounds of summer
2016 06 06 STAFFCIRC vol. 2 - AI BOMB VARIATIONS chiptune, digital fusion, latin Vince Kaichan - Bomba da Mente Mecanica STAFFCIRC vol. 2 - AI BOMB VARIATIONS
2015 12 22 Bundle of WIN chiptune, dance Vince Kaichan - Rollerdisco Rumble Bundle of WIN
2015 12 17 DESKTAPE digital fusion Vince Kaichan - Sunset Riders DESKTAPE
2015 08 13 STAFFcirc vol. 1 digital fusion, funk Vince Kaichan - Pond Scunk STAFFcirc vol. 1
2014 09 1 Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 chiptune, digital fusion, jazz Vince Kaichan - In The Stars Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3
2013 07 15 Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2 chiptune Vince Kaichan - Iskloo Dandruff/Morningstar Express. made in LSDJ Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2
2013 01 04 Weekly Treats 2013 chiptune Vince Kaichan - Dog Days. made in LSDJ Weekly Treats 2013
2012 12 10 chipWINter chiptune Vince Kaichan - Midnight Snowflake. made in SunVox chipWINter
2012 04 21 Chip for Cancer vol. 1 chiptune Vince Kaichan - Neolectrical. made in LSDJ Chip for Cancer vol. 1

commissions (2)

things i've made for other people as part of a larger project

date name genre info art
(click to play)
2019 11 01 Gem Blenders Soundtrack digital fusion, jazz written for the Gem Blenders Kickstarter Campaign Gem Blenders Soundtrack
2019 02 11 Breaking News! Intro orchestral written for a podcast series by octothorpic Breaking News! Intro

misc (78)

various other songs i've done
may not be a complete list
some songs may be louder or quieter than others, please be careful!
if a song is broken or missing please contact me

date name genre info link
2022 7 rings (remix) dance impromptu remix of Ariana Grande - 7 rings
2022 starspeed electronic unreal tournament music
2020 gpop pop an instrumental that was supposed to have vocals over it, but i never got around to finding a vocalist
2020 scofflaws electronic a sketch made with some jungle samples
2020 second hiphop a beat made from a sample of a new orleans second line brass band
2019 a good time! chiptune, dance started this in Ableton at a friend's house, later transcribed it and finished it in renoise
2019 alleycat dance experimenting with some production stuff in renoise
2019 canyon junction digital fusion it sounded vast, so i put canyon in the title
2019 reflection pop production/mixing practice
2018 faith electronic this is fake gagaku
2018 fingerpainting digital fusion, jazz first song with renoise ever, using mostly builtin sounds
2018 Interplanetary Pigeon main bgm chiptune, electronic main bgm loop for Global Game Jam 2018
2018 moss line digital fusion, folk a song about trees
2018 pog digital fusion, dance 2nd song using renoise, more of a study than a full song
2018 small world from up there electronic discovering how good the roland gigapack sample cd is
2018 The Jungle dance musing about living in a crowded, sweaty, shitty city that you can't help but love because of its humanity
2018 Yesterday Rain digital fusion, jazz a short mood sketch
2018 the Zubmarine Zone dance inspired by golgi's monkeyball music
2017 Coast Starlight digital fusion song about the time i took the amtrak sleeper car from los angeles to seattle with my family
2017 Cool Juice digital fusion, jazz i was inspired from reading the Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine
2017 Cortex dance i listened to Violin Phase by Steve Reich for the first time and loved it so much i had to sample it and make a short jam
2017 crammin jammin [3HB] chiptune, digital fusion, jazz written during the 3-hour 'demoscene music competition at MAGWest 2017'. won 1st place
2017 cruiser [OHB] digital fusion, jazz my entry for a 1-hour battle on the #modulez irc channel. won 1st place
2017 electric mountain digital fusion my entry for round 1 of s3xmoditmania V. came in 2nd place
2017 geoconstruct 1998 digital fusion my entry for round 4 of s3xmoditmania V. came in 1st place
2017 instruMENTAL main bgm orchestral in-game bgm loop for Global Game Jam 2017
2017 Jellyfish Floaters digital fusion, jazz a song for an abandoned music game idea i had about being a jellyfish drifting through the sea
2017 julaaeeaaee [OHB] comedy a 1-hour battle entry where we had to use samples from the infamous hhgregg commercial
2017 One Last Dance pop entry for the Spring Tracks VI competition on Battle of the Bits
2017 Raydancer dance a song for an abandoned music game idea i had. this is for a level where you play as a fast and sleek stingray
2017 Shakeshack Galaxy digital fusion, jazz a song about burgers in space
2017 Swashbuckler Saga chiptune, digital fusion my entry for the Wildchip != WIN competition at Battle of the Bits. came in 2nd place
2017 The VGDC Lounge digital fusion, latin a re-arrangement of UCI VGDC Theme Song in a latin bossa nova lounge setting
2017 UCI VGDC Theme Song dance written for gamedev club to use in promotional materials and branding
2017 Vectorspace Rebel electronic my entry for round 2 of s3xmoditmania V. tied for 3rd place
2017 Vengeance Stage 1 Boss bgm digital fusion, rock in-game boss bgm for a gamedev club game in 2017
2017 Vengeance Stage 1 Lava bgm digital fusion, rock in-game bgm for a gamedev club game in 2017
2016 adirondack digital fusion song from Midsummer Days that i ended up not including
2016 EDGELORD main bgm digital fusion, rock in-game bgm loop for a gamedev club game jam in 2016
2016 EDGELORD menu bgm digital fusion, rock main menu bgm loop for a gamedev club game jam in 2016
2016 Horizon chiptune, rock a song with an uninspired title
2016 Jasper Overworld Theme orchestral bgm loop for some friends' gamedev club project
2016 park bench with little mushroom digital fusion, jazz a song about a park bench with a little mushroom on a warm summer day
2016 Romanian Winter electronic, drum and bass an experiment in non-A440 tunings (the song is tuned to A460). partly inspired by a romanian drum n bass track that i liked a lot
2016 songbirds' playground digital fusion i wrote this one afternoon after watching some birds in the local park
2016 The Func dance written to celebrate going to therapy and successfully climbing out of a mild depression in fall 2016
2016 Visions of a Near Future electronic appears in openmpt as a demo track to show off the capabilities of the .mptm format
2015 angelwings digital fusion harmonic experiment with diatonic cluster chords
2015 Going Home digital fusion a song about homesickness written while i was studying abroad in japan inspired by undertale
2015 Gotanda Lights digital fusion, jazz a song about drinking alone in a tiny backalley bar in tokyo
2015 Lumine electronic written right after i came back to the US from japan as a goodbye to that chapter of my life
2015 Metropolis digital fusion, jazz inspired by the dense undulating waves of low-rise and high-rise buildings in tokyo
2015 Orbital breakbeat a failed attempt at a breakbeat track
2015 Solar System Smash bgm chiptune, dance in-game bgm loop for a gamedev club game jam in 2015
2015 Solitude digital fusion, jazz a song about feeling lonely in a foreign country
2015 untitled gameboy song chiptune written specifically for performing at Square Sounds Tokyo 2015 pre-party
2014 crystal ice caves electronic made for an unfinished video game development club project in 2014 no download yet
2014 Days of Future Past Present chiptune made in 1h30m for an informal competition. made with LSDJ
2014 Mambo Jambo chiptune, latin an outtake from Yolanda. made in LSDJ no download yet
2014 Milky Way electronic performed live at freq.fest.v.5.0 in los angeles and also heard in the joystiq farewell podcast
2014 Nomu digital fusion, rock inspired by the winter/early summer morning fog in southern california
2014 oldskoolchip chiptune a little sketch imitating the classic amiga/demoscene era chiptune style
2014 Suntory chiptune made for a C64 demoscene competition but never submitted. made in SIDWizard
2014 The Wind and The Rain electronic written for Weeklybeats 2014. i didn't last very long before i dropped out
2014 Yosemite Valley digital fusion, rock thinking about grand nature
2013 Afterhours chiptune first successfully completed song on the C64. made in SIDWizard
2013 Celestial Bodies chiptune, digital fusion, rock a rock-style song. made in sunvox
2013 cyberwinter electronic messing around with the classic Amiga ST-xx sample packs
2013 Kinetic Synthetic chiptune, dance written as part of an unfinished 5-song live set with PQM and Dakstre. made in LSDJ
2013 treds vbk electronic a sampling experiment inspired by OK Ikumi. made in sunvox
2012 Dakstre chiptune, dance written on a high school europe trip. was supposed to segue into PQM. made in LSDJ
2012 Darkedge Overworld Theme digital fusion overworld bgm for a highschool game project no download yet
2012 Drifting to Dreamland chiptune a song made in a very inspired day. made in sunvox
2012 electroblight dance my first song with openmpt ever back in 2012. it's not very good sorry
2012 Golden Lonely chiptune, digital fusion an old song about bittersweet sunsets
2012 Hazy Evening digital fusion, jazz my second song with openmpt ever. it's not very good either
2012 PQM chiptune, dance a dance song i wrote at 15 years old to be played live but i never did perform it live. made in LSDJ no download yet
2012 Ultraviolet electronic a re-arrangement of a very old gameboy song from 2011


twitter: @VinceKaichan
soundcloud: vincmg
email: vincekaichan@gmail.com